Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Clean to Higher Profits, part 3

I have so much junk. Junk everywhere. I think I have my own JunkMart. Where did all that stuff come from? But more importantly, how am I going to move all this stuff?
You are busting at the seams and need a bigger home for all that stuff.

Problem: How is your home going to look to buyers with all that stuff crammed in it? I know it is everywhere but it has to go and go now, not when you move. If you wait to sell first and then deal with it later, the buyers will see your home differently because if it is too small for you, it is probably too small for them too.

Closets that are stuffed so full that the door won’t close, or when one opens the door everything falls onto the floor is a real problem. You are moving, so get rid of it now. Closets must be thinned so that you can put your hand in between the hangers. If you have to have a crowbar to separate one shirt from another, it is way too tight. The closet floor should be neat and tidy, not 3 feet tall full of stuff.

You home should have a natural traffic flow. If someone has to climb over a recliner to get into the middle of the room or squeeze past a table, the furniture needs to be rearranged or removed. All rooms should be easily accessible, so that the buyer can get the full feel of how the room will be with their furniture.

It is ok to take all this stuff, box it up and neatly stack it in a corner of the garage or basement. Clothing is best stored in plastic clear boxes so that it is well protected.
It is always a good idea to label every box with masking tape so you know where it is to go when you move it into your new home. The garage is a great place to store all that extra stuff, but do it neatly. The garage is a big deal to a lot of men, so if it is not neatly done the garage will appear smaller than it really is. Furniture can also be stored here, but make it as tight as you can.

Paul Dizmang

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