Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Which Direction Are We Going?

So...have you been wondering where we have been? Obviously, things have been a little crazy with Dizmang Properties therefore the obvious lack of blog posts and videos. However, we hope that you've been keeping up with Paul's personal blog and/or Jessica's personal blog.

In all honesty, we are struggling to determine which way we should take our business. For the last 20 years, Paul has been the Broker/Owner the real estate firm Dizmang Properties. In the last 15 years, Paul has worked with a very tight, core group of investors that have purchased investment rentals properties ultimately becoming the essence of our business. Property management isn't really the direction we had originally intended to go, but over the last several years, it has become that way.

We are your Investment Specialists. Call it what you want..."managers of your wealth"..."congress of your rental empire"...or just "the people that spend your money on wise real estate investments". Whatever you call it, the bottom line is that we're good at it. We're not arrogant, just confident. We've made our Investors a lot of money over the last several years. We've built subdivisions, purchased lucrative duplexes and and advised our Owners to refinance when the rates were at their best. We have unclogged backed up toilets, hauled tons of trash, and replaced leaking hot water tanks at 2 o'clock in the morning. We have found an appropriate Tenant for each property, collected their monthly rents, and deal with ridiculous complaints. We've even pursued the dead-beat Tenants that refused to pay and got the judgment to collect the money. Each month, we have paid the mortgage payments on these properties, the taxes, the insurance and other bills that are due. And most of our Investors haven't even stepped foot inside any of their rental properties in years. They love this part...they just collect a check at the end of the month, glance at the reports and go about their business.

What other kind of REALTOR would do this for you? There aren't many of us around that do that. Now, we continue to list and sell homes, but our expertise and experience lies within real estate investments. So when you're ready to take the plunge into rental real estate, get Paul. He does it all.