Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Clean to Higher Profits, Part 2

As buyer enters your home for the first time, they have an impression of your home within the very first 10 seconds. They can tell if it has been well taken care of or lived in hard. This will ultimately determine the price they are willing to pay for the home. It is the first thought of value they will have and it will stick with them throughout. Therefore, it is critical to have your home ready.

I love chocolate chip cookies. It reminds me of my childhood growing up, a warm comfortable feeling. Sweet, warm, and inviting. I hate the smell of pet urine. I would just assume walk back to the car and go on. So will most buyers.

Odor in a home can be a huge problem. If there is an odor, most homeowners have lived with it for so long they don't even notice it. That musty basement, smoke, incense, and a whole host of smells could come from your home. The big problem is that some smells may not be offensive to you, but are to your buyers. Yes, you have to care if you want top dollar for your home.

Masking the smell with scented candles is a huge mistake. Huge. The candle scent will actually make the smell worse. Just what we all want to smell, lavender cat pee. The odor has to be removed and it can be done. Funny thing is, smokers hate homes that smell like smoke. I never really understood that, but I find that is so true with every smoker we work with.

Fresh food smells are truly the best like fresh baked bread or cookies in the oven. It is not that hard to obtain either. Take a store bought loaf of bread and put it in the over at 250 degrees for a few minutes and you have your fresh baked bread smell. And you didn't even have to get out the rolling pin.

Paul Dizmang

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