Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Blogging Tomato Comments

I read many blogs every day, especially ones related to the real estate industry.

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Yeah…I know what you’re thinking…duh Paul…you’re a REALTOR, of course you read about your industry. Now chances are, there are a lot of you out there that subscribe to my podcast that are REALTORS yourself, so I feel the need to point out one particular blog that I have really enjoyed reading.

The Real Estate Tomato. Wow, great information. I encourage all of you REALTORS out there to check it out.

But how this relates to everyone else out there that doesn’t care for blogs that cater specifically to REALTORS, is that their latest post questioning if “Big Brother” is dead involves everyone…REALTORS, Buyers, Sellers, Owners, Tenants and Investors and it involves you too.

In the world of blogging & wikipedia entries, everyone works together to bring their videos, their pictures from their camera phones, and their own comments on blog posts to form a real and true picture of how something really is. When I post my listings or available rentals online, on my blog or on this video podcast, I can only hope that my audience will participate in its description and perception.

Not too long ago, I learned a lot when I came across a Tenant’s blog (who now rents from me) who posted his impressions of meeting me for the first time. He claimed that I was an “├╝ber-apologetic Realtor that showed up in all his sock-less glory”. OK, I admit I was late, and yes I felt bad about that and I feel that it’s only right to treat people with respect and apologize for rude behavior. Secondly…it was in the summer time, who wears socks in the summer time?! Among those simple comments, he also gave his impression of the rental house that I was offering. Ouch! The one thing that I didn’t want to be was a slumlord and he was describing my house as it was…disgusting...slum-like. This is huge for me, because I then got the property cleaned up as best I could and turned around and rented it. I wouldn’t have known it without his raw and candid comments regarding my rental properties. So…those of you creative writers out there looking for an outlet to put your writing skills to the test…post a comment on my blog. You can get there by going to and clicking on “blog”. I’m looking for real people to post real comments. And who knows…if you’re any good at it, I might contact you and talk to you about hiring you as a free-lance writer for some of my upcoming projects. So let me know what you’ve got and here’s some ideas to get you started:

1) Do you think that I should take my real estate knowledge of specializing in investing and managing rental properties and create some sort of “how-to” seminar?

2) What is your first impression of Dizmang Properties (if you have dealt with us directly) or what are your first thoughts of property management in particular?

3) Considering that I am the only video podcaster that I can find in my area doing real estate video podcasts, do you think I should offer some sort of “how-to” seminar or instruction for other REALTORS?

4) What features do you like/not like about our new web site at How can we make it better?

I thank all of you who have voted for me at Podcast Alley, posted comments on my blog or even just viewed my videos on YouTube and those who have given me the appropriate star count for my videos. You’ve made me realize what my business has to offer and what it truly is. You can help me out by going to my web site at and you can find direct links to my blog, my videos and even Podcast Alley where you can vote for my podcast. Thanks for subscribing and stay tuned…I’ve got lots more to say about the real estate and property management industry and it only gets more exciting from here on out.

Until next time...