Friday, June 15, 2007

Web 2.0 Seminar for REALTORS on a Shoestring Budget

Whew! My big debut as a seminar speaker last Tuesday night went off without a hitch and in my opinion was a big success. I spoke to REALTORS in our local board association about the power of Web 2.0 technology and how it can greatly improve their Google ratings, their online presence as a whole, and how to do it all on a "shoestring budget".

I'm a small company and I have a tight budget. (And it's not just because I'm cheap!) I starting video blogging about my real estate career and property management for just under 2 years. When something works for me, I want to share that information with others in my field. REALTORS are professionals, this is a tough business to stay in and if I can help another colleague, then so be it. And that is why I did the seminar called "Web 2.0 Technology for REALTORS on a Shoestring Budget". I got a great response from the other agents I talked to and now I am in the process of getting together an all day seminar to discuss this Web 2.0 technology. Are you interested in being part of this seminar? Please comment or e-mail me and I will let you know of the dates/times etc.

I'll load some of the videos from the seminar as I get them produced. Things have just been a little crazy around the office and we haven't had too much time to load the videos. Afterall, my first real estate/property management business...still takes priority and as you know, work doesn't ever stop.

I'll keep you posted! :)

Paul Dizmang

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Paul's First Rental Property

After spending a weekend with my family in my hometown of Bartlesville, OK, I couldn't help but reminise about all the fun past times and back to when I purchased my first rental property. I currently still own 15 single family houses in Bartlesville alone and I went back to the very first one and decided to podcast directly from there.

I know it can be scary investing in your first rental property, but I want to help you.