Saturday, October 06, 2007

Destructive Missouri Street Tenants: It's Time to Grow Up

We have one street where we manage 28 new houses, close to campus, and popular with college students. You remember the fire right? In my experience with this street I have found out the simple math equation of: College Students = Parties All Of The Time.

Now before I start my rant about these immature, destructive partying students, I have to state that there are a few individuals that live on the street that are actually good, reliable and decent college student Tenants. And to those Tenants, I highly commend you, call me and I will give you a GREAT reference both business and rental-wise. And with that of the decent ones called my voicemail anonymously this morning and left a message about the vandalism mess that was made by an overnight Missouri Street party. So I go over there this morning and find the many many beer cans, trash and property damage of the parties on the street, but I find that someone took a can of red spray paint and left their obscene messages on our signs and stuff. couldn't be the same group of people that had a party a month ago and spray-painted one of our brand new white sided houses with the red spray paint, could it?!

These were some pretty obscene spray-painted messages, clearly vandalism and a cheap shot at our family. That doesn't set too well with us and yep, we called the cops. Now they are watching the street, we've got some great leads and once it all comes out...the person(s) that did this, well let's just say they won't stand a chance.

It's really too bad that the people that did this are so immature. It's really sad that the Tenant's that live on this street feel the need to socialize with such losers like the vandals. And what's even more sad is that once they are caught, this is going to be on their record for a long time. How embarrasing for that person(s).