Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Almost everyone in Southwest Missouri was effected by the recent ice storm and most are tired of even talking about it. Obviously some were hit harder than others and there are still people trying to recover from the damage, financial hardship, and displacement suffered. The emergency management agencies, police and fire departments, utility companies, road crews, volunteers and neighbors have performed exceptionally and are to be commended for their efforts.

Without prolonging this subject any further, I just want to say HANG IN THERE and don't lose heart. We will have the scars on the landscape for a long time but we will all recover sooner or later. If you know a neighbor who needs help, give that neighbor a hand. Maybe you can remove the debris in your lawn and help one or two other households with theirs.

If you live in the Sprinfield area and still need assistance of some kind, here are a few of the numbers you might want:

The American Red Cross Disaster Services (417) 832-9500

City Utilities of Springfield (417) 863-9000

Greene County Office of Emergency Management (417) 869-6040

Polk County Emergency Management Agency (417) 326-6610


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