Monday, January 15, 2007

Sticking Together Like Ice

A really bad ice storm hit Springfield late Friday night January 12 and we survived (barely) 3 waves of the storm. The roads are fine, just a little wet, but the ice that has accumulated on the trees has caused huge problems. Downed trees and power lines has put this city at a standstill. At one point almost 90% of Springfield was completely without power and/or heat. And there are still over 65,000 residents that are still out of power and are going on Day 5 of no power now.

As a property management firm, we not only had our own homes and families to worry about, but we also had approximately 140 other rental homes to take care of. We're not out of the woods yet, but we banded together as a team and we went out in the storms and cut down tree limbs out of power lines and checked on our Tenants. Afterall, that's what our Owners pay us for, right?

2007 has certainly started off with a bang for us. First with the major house fire on the 5th of January, and now this major ice problem on the 15th of January. I'm starting to think that we have had our fill for the year. :) As it has been said before, "that which does not kill us only makes us stronger" and that has been the case for the employees of Dizmang Properties. We want to reassure our Owners/Investors that we are taking care of your properties as if they were our own.

So here we are in "crisis mode" trying our best to make sure that all of our Tenants homes are secure and safe. We really appreciate the Tenants that have pulled their weight in assisting us in removing tree limbs from their properties. More than that, we appreciate your patience as we have been really backed up with calls. The biggest thing is the electrical mast poles on top of the houses. We understand that many are bent or broken due to tree limbs coming down on top of them. We must have an electrician fix those before City Utilities will turn the power back on. Like everyone else, our electrician is back logged big time and we are getting to each one as quick as we can. Again, thank you for your patience.

I'll keep this blog updated with details and pictures. Did you see the video podcast? It gives you a great look at how things really are around here.


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