Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What are Tenants looking for?

According to an article that I read in REALTOR Magazine online, conducted a survey and there is a list of what Tenants are mainly looking for when renting property. (Among the many other lists and demands that they already have...yes I said that with sarcasm).

First, if a Tenant was comparing equal properties side-by-side, over 52% said that location would drive their decision.

The other items were as follows in the Tenant's lists of "wants":

Air conditioning: 81%
Parking: 81%
Washer and dryer in unit: 54%
High-speed Internet in unit: 47%
Dishwasher: 46%
Elevator: 24%
Pool: 21%
Hardwood floors: 13%
Fireplace: 5%

We can't guarantee that we've got all of these things that Tenants are looking for in renting property, but we sure get close. You can see what rental properties that Dizmang Properties has available by checking out our web site.

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