Sunday, July 15, 2007

Time to Buy a Home in a Buyer's Market Video Blog

Here in Springfield, it is a Buyer's Market. There are numerous houses on the market that are for sale. So in my video blog, I have put together a few tips for the typical home buyer out there looking for a house.

Tip #1: Stay organized. Keep a short list of homes and look at no more than 3-4 houses at a time. This is so you can keep all of them straight in your head.

Tip #2: Make a list of both pros AND cons of each home you see.

Tip #3: View the home that you intend to buy at least twice.

Tip #4: Negotiate hard and be patient.

Tip #5: However, don't be ridiculous! Don't make obnoxiously low offers on houses that Sellers wouldn't even consider.

If you need assistance with purchasing a home for sale, contact me (Paul Dizmang) at (417) 887-0501 or via e-mail. I can answer any questions you may have and offer you so much more in depth information if you'd like.


Anonymous said...

I loved these short and to the point tips. I read this several weeks ago before going to visit some prospective investment properties in Costa Rica. We went through an on-line real estate site called which made some of these tips a bit harder to implement. But I was able to modify them to the international market. I would also add in Tip #6 “Don’t judge a house by its photo.” With on-line real estate shopping we soon learned that most agents in foreign countries don’t realize the importance of quality photos for showcasing their properties. Several homes that we had marked off of our list were actually charming in person. I’m grateful that we had an agent who was willing to probe us on our decisions otherwise we may have missed a few gems. Anyways I had bookmarked this page and I wanted to say thanks Paul for the helpful advice.

prathap2525 said...

Thanks. That was a very useful information!!

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