Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hide & Seek!

Ever feel like you’re playing Hide-N-Seek with your real estate agent??
My buyer’s agent, Jay Reasor, wrote the following and did his own video podcast on finding the right real estate agent. Check it out and let me know what you think. --Paul Dizmang

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Today I’m going to help you find the right Buyer’s Agent by looking into 3 specific areas:

First…we’ll discuss the internet with all of the traffic & congestion and it’s impact on your search for the right agent.

From there I want to explain how to navigate your way through the internet traffic in the most efficient way.

Finally, I’ll give you some fundamental steps in choosing an agent and then arriving at your destination safely and sanely.

Wading through the barrage of real estate related information on the web can be overwhelming. On real estate web sites you’ll see countless agents on countless web sites. You’ll also encounter links galore and you are left to wonder…“Who can I trust?”

In spite of the information overload, 70% of consumers still search the internet before buying a house that is good for them. I think this is a great idea. I’m just surprised that it’s not a 100%.

My suggestion for navigating through the maze of information is to take the most direct route, saving you time & frustration. The place to start is a trust-worthy site like so you can search for a home to your liking among the 2 million listed for sale on this site. Also check out great local sites, like the new and improved, that are full of useful information.

One clue to finding the right agent is to see if his, or her, name keeps surfacing when you search. If this is the case, you may have found an agent who knows the area very well and one who has earned the trust of local home owners.

Now go to that agent’s personal web site and see what you think. It’s also a good idea to visit 1 or 2 other sites of agents who have homes listed where you are considering moving to. Be careful to distinguish the difference between an agent that is paying a lot for ads or ad placement vs. one who is prominent in the market.

After e-mail correspondence, or preferably phone calls, you can narrow your search to one agent. Ask lots of questions…treat it like an interview.

Once you’ve selected your agent, stick with the agent all of the way through the purchase of your new home.

Put the REALTOR to work for you by allowing him, or her to represent you and you alone. You’ll be glad you did!
E-mail me your specific questions at or comment on our blog post.

So Long from Jay Reasor!

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patricia said...

buyers should really research more as to the agent they should get in contact with so that they won't be fooled or they won't be wasting any of their time.