Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Is your home a secret home? Often, and I mean often, sellers will ask that I not put a sign in their yard because they don't want the neighbors to know they are moving. I have never understood the logic in this thinking. The fact is, neighbors can be your very best salespeople.

Everyone likes to talk about real estate. No matter where I go, who I talk to, everyone loves to talk shop. It is our home, our largest asset, our domicile. We love our home because it is who we are. So why would a seller not want all their neighbors who love their home and neighborhood, working for them to sell their home? Friends, relatives, and neighbors go to work, church, and social activities and talk about the home down the street that just came on the market. This can be the most valuable marketing one can have and it works beautifully.

Therefore, everyone in the neighborhood needs to know you are selling. Post not only a sign, but make up a flyer and make sure everyone gets one with all the detail information. Always use color flyers and have them printed on a laser printer at the very least. Ink jet printers can do a nice job, but the print will fade and run if even a hint of moisture gets on it. Make sure it has all of the most important features with several photos.

You can see my video podcast on this subject by clicking on the picture above. Just remember to be patient, it may take a few moments to load.

So get out there and let the world know your home is for sale. If you want to really sell it, never keep it a secret.

Paul Dizmang

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