Friday, April 07, 2006

"Newton" the Kitty

This is "Newton", an abandoned kitty that we found in one of our rental properties on Newton Street. Unfortunately in property management, tenants move out and leave a bunch of stuff behind for us to clean up. That is exactly the case in this situation, except that the tenants left this cat behind as well and it was one more thing that we, as the property manager, had to take care of.

The good news to this story is that we found a good home for "Newton" and we didn't have to give her to the animal shelter. Thanks to Russ & Judy for taking in the kitty and making a good home for her. :)

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Judy Allen said...

Yes, "Newton" has a new home. Russ and I are the happy recipients of the little thing. Now the interesting thing about this is Brooke Dizmang is totally responsible for the ownership of my first cat and Paul is responsible for the second one. I see a trend here, and it must stip!!! Brooke and I found a little starving black kitten living in a double decker Endlish bus. I know you have seen it around town. Well I was perfectly happy to call the cat "Blacky", but nooooo, Brooke said that just wouldn't do! So she came up with "Buster". OK, that is appropriate. Buster has had a wonderful 10 months at our home, but Brooke and my husband decided that he was lonely. How do they know that my cat is lonely?? Did he say something? Well, anyway, here comes Paul with little "Newton", threatening to euthenize the pitiful little thing if I didn't take it. What else could I do for Pete's sake. I did the only humane thing of course, I took it home to be friends with lonely Buster. Well, Newton turned out to be a girl, so Brooke, having had a lot of experience in naming cats came up with "Bailey". Buste and Bailey, now that does have a ring to it you have to admit. The only problem is that Bailey now rules the house, and wants absolutely nothing to do with poor lonely Buster. No, I will NOT get another cat for Buster. Thanks again Paul and Brooke. P.S. Bailey sleeps with me every night, and Buster sits on the floor moaning!. HA. Judy

Anonymous said...

For all of you homeless pets, you can just e-mail Russ and Judy. They have a really nice house and plenty of cat food. Plus, I hear they are starting a summer camp for cats.

Anonymous said...

Russ' claification:
First of all when my wife, Judy said that ". . . Brook & my husband decided that he was lonely." She is speaking of Buster our cat not me!

Secondly. Baily is just like most females in that she first hiss at Buster efforts to be "just friends", then taunts him to come closer as she reaches out gives him one difinitive slap.

That part of the friendship process is almost over. They are almost talking civilly to each other, now sharing the water & feed bowl. Oh yes, the potty box too!

All I wanted was a faithfull dog. The summer cat camp will be for negected & abused cats owners exhibiting anti-cat-social actions. You can usually recognize these traits when the hair on the back of your neck stands up at the mention of a cat or seeing one crossing the road and you automatically press your foot down on the accelorator. If your ears hurt when you hear that purring in your ear in the middle of the night. You know what I mean.

All I wanted was a faithful dog.