Saturday, April 15, 2006

Did I Blink Again?

Everyday it's the same routine. Up at 6, workout to keep the heart healthy, drop off the boy at school, off to the office, pick up the boy, dinner with the family, bedtime for the boy, and whew I'm tired! Each day is about the same. Then I blink.

The next day everyone is 10 years older, gray hair starts to set in, my body starts to ache like I have not experienced, and then, I blink again.

I have got to quit blinking. You see, as we go about our daily lives we look forward to things that we want to do or will do, but we also need to reflect on what we have done. Was I as productive as I should have been last week? Did I tell my family and friends that mean the most to me that I love them? Was I the father, husband, and friend that I really want to be or was I in too big of hurry to do less important things? Did I really do all I wanted to or could I have done more?

I recently had an insurance claim. What a pain. It is good to be covered so that one can recover the loss, but it is a headache. Anyway, the insurance adjuster came out, looked at the damage, and did what he did best. But as I got to know him a little better, I found out that he had not been home but 1 week in 14 months. Lots of storms and damage kept him running all over the county. Now I do appreciate what he does, and he was a very nice guy. But being away from the family for so long one cannot help but wonder if he is missing out on what life is really about. His work is vital and important, but 14 months? Everyday I thank God that I have the ability to be home everyone's, I work with people that are a true pleasure to be with not to mention they are my best friends.

On this Easter weekend, I have made a decision to spend more time with my family and friends, give them all big hugs and make sure they know how much they mean to me. I don't want to blink, because the next time I do I fear that I might look back and regret having missed something. So instead, I am determined to live life to the fullest, try new things that I have never done (like this morning doing martial arts for the first time), listen better to my friends, listen again, listen again, and be more sensitive to everyone and everything. I want to view myself as others view me, and make changes, lots and lots of changes to be a better friend.

Next time I blink, I want to be proud of every moment from this point to that, know that I have truly tried to enjoy the good times and sad times, and never, never have a bad day.

Thank you to my wife, my son, who God has blessed me with. Thank you to my great friend Jessica, who none of this would be possible without her vision, knowledge and commitment.


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Jessica Hickok said...

To Paul: the face of this extraordinary company... thank you for such a raw blog showing what means the most to you. We've only scratched the surface of this blogging/podcasting thing and together with Brooke, our "PB&J Production Company" will be producing some awesome material that will change the real estate/property management business for both agents & consumers. I can't wait to see this vision come together. Thank you for believing in me, and for believing in yourself.